Care & Cleaning Instructions for Jewellery

Proper Care Instructions

Just like any other metals, pure sterling silver requires genuine care and cleaning to maintain its brilliance over time. Proper care of your jewellery goes a long way.

  1. To prevent your jewellery from tarnishing, please ensure that you store your pieces in a clean dry, cool place. To prevent scratches, store your pieces in their individual boxes. If not available, use an air-tight zip-lock container bag to avoid oxidation (dullness and discoloration). 
  2. Please refrain from leaving your jewellery boxes in your bathroom or anywhere that is humid to avoid oxidation.
  3. Avoid contact to chemicals such as colognes, perfumes, bleach, body creams and lotions, hairspray. It is also best to not wear your pieces when showering or swimming in chlorine pools. 

How to Clean your Jewellery

Sterling silver is prone to dirt buildups and makeup residue especially if worn daily, which can cause the metal's discoloration. Please take note of the following:

  1. Use a silver polishing cloth to carefully clean your jewellery. Refrain from using paper towels or polyester cloths as they can be too harsh for the texture of your silver. 
  2. Use silver polishing sprays or cleaners to clean and maintain the shine of your jewellery. If unsure, read the instructions of product before using on the silver. 
  3. If cleaning products are unavailable, you can temporarily use a small amount of dish-washing soap. Avoid contact with bleach. 
  4. IMPORTANT: If your jewellery contains stones or pearls, do not soak your pieces in water. You can spot clean them using a dish-washing liquid on a cotton swab. Do not use toothpastes to clean your stones.